Jai Guru Deva Om: Exploring Transcendental Meditation

My mother is a big, big Beatles fan. One morning, out of curiosity, I asked her what her favourite Beatles album is, and her response was quick: “The White Album—hands down.”

After endless repeats in full blast on our beat-up stereo of “The White Album” every Sunday mornings, I found myself singing to songs I’ve memorised by heart, and me being a music geek, I decided to check out the story behind “The White Album”. Further Googling and Wiki-ing led me to the information that The Beatles wrote the album while practising transcendental meditation under the renowned Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. So the greatest album of The Beatles was written while being on a spiritual journey through meditation? Sounds interesting.

Relaxed Awareness: What is Transcendental Meditation?

Thus began my quest on learning more about transcendental meditation. Transcendental meditation taps into the mind’s ability to avoid distracting thoughts to promote a state of “relaxed awareness”. Similar to the NeuroActivator program, it allows the mind, breath, and body to come into one—resulting into a state of pure consciousness, stability, as well as a still and calm mind.

Mediators who practise transcendental meditation are more inclined to become less agitated, think clearly, and become more at peace with their surroundings.  Transcendental meditation allows its practitioners to achieve a state of relaxation much deeper than sleep.  It brings altogether a different experience, so to speak—as the mind and body become one.

Meditating to achieve the state of transcendence.

Meditating to achieve the state of transcendence.

Experiencing Transcendence

It is a well-known fact that transcendental meditation’s popularity notably increased after The Beatles released “The White Album”, and as a result, more and more schools began to teach the technique to thousands of practitioners. There are a lot to learn as well as to experience; however, experiencing transcendence can be done in the comforts of your own home by using basic techniques.

Begin transcendental meditation by sitting in a comfortable position, with your eyes closed. Then, the quest for total relaxation begins. Breathe in, and breathe out. As thoughts begin to enter your mind, view it as a simple truth—no expectations, no judgments. This will allow your mind to achieve full awareness. The absence of thoughts may sometimes occur—and if this happens, simply be aware of the stillness of your body. Reciting a mantra then follows. Begin by reciting the word “Om”(a word that symbolises birth, life, and death) repeatedly, making sure that you pronounce it in a very long and drawn out manner. For about 10 to 15 minutes, your body and mind will reach a meditative state.

When you are ready, end the meditation process by rubbing your hands and massaging your face, before finally bringing your hands back to your knees and gently opening your eyes.

If you want to learn more transcendental meditation techniques, let this article show you more.

What’s next?

The mind can be easily distracted by outside forces which can alter focus and concentration, thus leading to stress, anxiety, and worry. However, transcendental meditation can help alleviate the mind and body’s overall state by flushing out thoughts and by focusing on awareness and relaxation.

“Across the Universe”, a song written by John Lennon, features a mantra that goes, “jai guru deva om”. It was Lennon’s way of paying homage to the late Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. I can only imagine what went on while The Beatles was practising transcendental meditation, but if it resulted to one of the greatest albums of all time in rock history, then surely it must be an experience beyond anything ordinary—an experience, to which I can say, is nothing but transcendent.

I hope you had fun reading as much as I did while writing this and listening to “The White Album”.

5 Breakup Truths Every Guy Needs to Know

man woman hands holding broken heartThe truth hurts. That’s one of the first, biggest, and most significant realities about life. The moment we realize this is the moment we realize that we are living in the big, real, harsh world. But just as much as some truths hurt, the truth also sets us free. There is no freedom more absolute than freedom that springs from the truth. It frees us from the burden of pretense, of guilt.

Breakup Truths Every Guy Needs to Know

That is why it is important for you and every guy around to know these 5 truths about break ups; trust me, it will save you tons of time, effort and maybe even money and save you from otherwise stupid decisions post-breakup:

  1. There is more to handling a breakup than drinking a whole case of beer by yourself. Yes, there are more, far better, ways to cope with your heartbreak than getting drunk. There’s yoga, there’s exercise, school, food, and friends. Alcohol offers you but a temporary shelter from the pain, and by temporary, a few good hours that could easily turn ugly and humiliating. Drinking will do nothing more than numb your senses, get your liver extra worked up, and make you throw up only to wake up the next morning with the same pain in your heart with an added bonus: a throbbing headache and possibly a parched throat. Talk with a friend, here’s a blog article on starting a conversation with a woman.
  2. You don’t need a rebound to fully move on. You can move on. Without a new girlfriend. You don’t need a new girl to test how well you’ve moved on after your last breakup. You don’t need a new girl to get on with your life. You don’t need a rebound to tell the world that you’ve fully moved on. In fact, you don’t need to prove anything to the world. The only person you’re obligated to prove anything to is yourself – you owe it to yourself to let your pains heal fully before moving on to a new relationship. You owe it to your next girlfriend to have fully moved on, to be a complete individual and not just one who’s trying to run away from the pains of the past.
  3. Yes, it’s okay to cry. Some men just could not imagine themselves crying over a woman, simply because they could not take the stigma that goes with it. But hey it’s okay! It’s okay to cry and be sad about it. You can mope, be depressed, be angry, wallow in your sadness. You’ll come out of it on your own terms anyway.
  4. It’s not the end. She could have been the biggest love of your life, it may have been your best relationship. But it should not be the last. You may not see it now, you may not see it soon. But when you do, be open to embrace the fact that you can and still find a bigger, better love.
  5. You don’t have to break up with your girlfriend for the smallest and slightest of reasons. A breakup is one of the biggest, strongest cards on your relationship deck. And you can only use it so often in your relationship. Seriously, it should be the last resort. Don’t use it to get your way with your girlfriend, or guilt-trip her. Use it only when your relationship has hit rock bottom, when there is no way for you to get out of the mess you’re in, when you both no longer want to have anything to do with each other.

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Tips for Dating a Female Chef

7568_5757Contrary to the home kitchens we grew up to that are dominated by your moms and grandmas and practically every other female member of our family, commercial kitchens like restaurants are actually a man’s world. Women, as I’ve seen and read on my favorite cooking-related shows and magazines, actually have to fight their way to the top of these commercial kitchens. The atmosphere in these scenarios is tense and challenging for female chefs and they are forced to toughen up beyond their limits. The demands of the job can harden the women to a certain level and that makes them a little more challenging to date than most other women around.

Here are Telltale signs that a girl shows when she likes you.

And extra challenging women are of course, require extra courses of action and a different kind of approach to dating. So should you find yourself enamored or in a budding romance with a female chef who’s done it all to get to wherever she is right now, these tips are for you.

Tips for Dating a Female Chef

Here are tips and ideas for dating female kitchen goddesses:

  • Take her somewhere relaxing. You know that restaurant you go to all the time for ambiance? It’s a warzone in the kitchen night after night. And yes, that’s what she has to deal with every single workday/work night. And so the best thing you can do on your dates is to take her somewhere that does not remind her of the battlefield of her work kitchen. Because although she loves her job so much and how she passionate she is about it, I’m pretty sure she needs to take a break every now and then. Take her on sunsets by the beach kinda date, or little picnics in a quiet park. (PS: please don’t take her to their biggest competitor restaurant, that’s just insensitive).
  • Adjust your date days and time. Because of the hectic schedules at work, more often than not ending in the wee hours of the morning, you wouldn’t likely take her on regular, normal dinner dates. You’d have to squeeze in some lunch dates, really early dinner dates, or pick her up from work for breakfast dates. If you enjoy each other’s company, you wouldn’t really notice the time of day you’re out on a date. Right?
  • Be thoughtful and sensitive about her needs especially at work. So instead of calling her all night long to chat or get mad if she fails to return your calls or texts mid-work, you may want to just send her one text before work hours and after. You might want to be a little extra thoughtful and give her a personalized apron with her logo or initials on it; or you may want to bring her a cup of coffee and some warm bagels as you pick her off of work early in the morning.
  • Have dinner at her restaurant. It may be flatter her a little (or a lot) that you made an effort to show up at her workplace. But make sure you are a positive presence and not exactly a negative one. And avoid being critical to her about it. God knows how critical her workmates are of her. Be there to show her your support.

Please also see 5 Things to Learn from the Friendzone.

Looking at it, it does not sound as bad or as difficult as it is, right? And on the upside of things, you get to sample her superb cooking skills firsthand!

5 Things to Learn from the Friendzone

1422276_45008904A lot of people, men and women alike, think that the friendzone is like the pits of hell in the many levels of un-relationship. And I could not really argue with that. It’s being in a non-relationship with a girl that you treat more than your very own wife but could not look at you more than just her best friend. It’s being treated unfairly in every sense of the word – and women get away with practically any excuse, including “I didn’t do it on purpose” and “I don’t want to lose our friendship”; all the while, all that’s running in your brain is that she’s taking advantage of having a non-boyfriend treat her like a queen and still have the freedom to go flirt with someone else.

At least the girls who reject you will reject you out front. The girls who play around will always have a reputation to serve as warning, and that whenever you happen to discover the deceitfulness, you have the option to move on from it. In the friendzone, you just keep investing your feelings on a girl and she just keeps on fanning the flame of your emotions without any real plan to move forward. In short, you’re stuck. You can view more tips and advice on my last blog post.

Best things about friendzone

Thankfully, that’s not all there is to the friendzone. Gentlemen, friends and fellow survivors of this dreaded un-relationship, let me present to you the best things about being in the friendzone: the 5 things you learn from it.

  1. Know when to go and when to hold on. There are times when the universe tells you there’s still hope and reason to move on; and then there are times when you just have to face the fact that there’s nothing between you and her and that you are putting aside all reason to be with her (when she obviously does not want to be with you). So let yourself free of the misery, let her go. Don’t block off any potential relationships because you’re holding on to something that is actually ‘nothing’.
  2. Don’t get too hasty with your emotions and decide that you like a person just because she seems extra nice to you or that you click together. Deciding too quickly that you like her just because you seem like you do like her is, more often than not, the source of friendzone heartbreaks. So don’t let your loneliness or excitement confuse you. Enjoy her friendship for as long as you possibly can because that might be all there is to it – friendship and you just confused it for something else. There’s a good and bad side of friendzone. Know it now..
  3. Know how you deserve to be treated. Keeping you in tow like a lapdog is just no way to be treated, that is, if you want to be treated like a man. So earn her respect and stop kissing her backside; you know you don’t deserve to be stalled or made to accept false hopes.
  4. Men and women can be friends but… But you have to know where to set your limits. You have to put a limit on what you are willing to do for her as a friend, on how you perceive her, and on how she treats you and vice versa. It is possible – in fact, it is ideal. Being friendzoned only results from when one person decides to forget where their limits lie.
  5. Never miss your perfect time. Don’t let fear take you over when you feel like you should tell her how you truly feel about her. This is one of the very few times when I would say this but hey, #YOLO man! Take the chance to tell her – you’ll open yourself to a world of results and avoid a life of regrets!

And here’s a great guide to “friends with benefits” from PUADatabase.com.

Why You Shouldn’t Move In Together Just Yet

Are you ready to move in?

Are you ready to move in?

There comes a time in a relationship when both partners just cannot stand being away from each other no longer. Others get it a wee bit too soon, like 5 minutes after the first kiss. Others take a little bit longer, about 5 years into dating. And so the question of moving in together comes up.

Should you or should you not live in with your girlfriend? After all, it would save you a lot of cab money to go back and forth to see your girlfriend. On top of that, you would have someone to split the bills and the rent with. And well, as a lot of men love to imagine, a lot of sex (keep your fingers crossed).

Reasons why you shouldn’t really move in

But what about your freedom? What about having the boys over anytime you want, or not cleaning the door, or leaving the toilet seat up? Here some other reasons why you shouldn’t really move in just yet:

  • Mortgage problems. While I am not exactly wishing that you and your lady love break up anytime soon or in the near future, it would do you both a favor on the mortgage stuff. Ownership is something that’s more complicated when you’re unmarried than when you’re married; while you’re saving yourself from a nasty divorce if you guys don’t really click together, you may not save yourself from mortgage stuff if you both get a house together.
  • You might be ruining marriage for yourselves. Moving in together is the practice stage for marriage and moving in together is bound to show you how things are going to be when you actually get married. And when you do end up in marriage, you’d be missing out on the usual newlywed excitement on buying dishes, putting up the wallpaper, etc because you’ve already had it a bit too soon.
  • You will lose your personal space. The moment you live together, you will have to live not only with someone, but someone’s personal life rules. And you’ll have to share everything with her and if you’re not ready just yet to give up your solo bed space or walking around in your shoes inside the house, you may not be ready for cohabitation just yet.
  • You may not yet be ready to do it financially. If you think moving in together means a chance at freeloading – getting her to buy the groceries 90% of the time, and having her pay more often than you – then you are wrong. Living together might actually be more costly for you both since you have to live in a bigger space maybe even share a house together. And there are no roomies to split the bill four or five times; everything would have to be between you and your girlfriend and she might actually need for you guys to do it 50-50. I don’t think your girlfriend would want you to fully live off of her; you’re not her husband after all.

There may be more cons than pros to moving in together with your girlfriend; so I say, think about it before packing your bags. The cab fares and sleepovers may not be that bad after all.

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Dating the Odd Girl

Dating the odd girl is something that you don’t see very often.  The odd girl out is the super tall (but not model material) girl, or the girl who is not glued to her smartphone or addicted to any social media accounts. She is the girl that knows more science facts than beauty or fashion facts and thus dresses up casually.

It’s often heard of that it is not recommended to date such a girl, unless you know you are just like her (a.k.a. you are the guy who’s  always last picked with the gym classes).  But that is totally not true! Dating the unpopular girl is even recommended! By sensible people, smart people, and most of all, by me.

Here are only a few sensible reasons why taking the road less travelled – dating the girl that seemed un-datable (if there even is such a word) – will benefit you more than you think it would (maybe even better than winning a date with the most popular girl around):


Yes! These girls are lots of fun. They know how to entertain themselves and so they will know how to entertain the both of you. They have the most interesting hobbies, some might be odd, but it is fun nevertheless. There are a lot of fun things to do at home with your girlfriend, mind you(not just THAT, silly.)! Just be open for new experiences and shove your judgments under the rug. It’s time to play some dungeons and dragons!

Loyalty is what these girls have a lot of.

Once you show genuine interest in them and like/love them for who they are, they will be loyal and totally focused on you. They don’t flirt with anyone except you. If you’ve read the SIBG guide on dating, you know that they greatly appreciate it that you took the effort to get to know them and for this they will be on your side, as long as you are faithful too.
Drama is definitely something you will not see often in these girls. They won’t throw tantrums and drama’s, they won’t deprive you of your time or money.

They don’t ask much yet they give so much.

Ever seen an unpopular girl being aggressive, or hostile at all? Ever seen them dragging their boyfriends to the malls to get the newest Gucci Handbag or Dolce Pumps? No, they don’t do that, and they hardly ever will. It’s not in their nature to be dramatic and uncivilized. It is in their nature to be sweet, gentle, shy and lovely though.


As cheesy as it may sound, you will be receiving a lot of it. Treat her right and love her for what she does (for you) and who she is, and she will love you to the moon and back. It does not sound like something that you are looking for in a girl, but trust me – it is something you always have wanted once you see what I mean.

Finding the right woman – or person in general – to love and love you back is definitely not the easiest thing to do. Wars have been launched and generations have been changed over this elusive quest for one true love. But maybe, it’s taking a different turn and meeting the less popular people that will lead you to your heart’s desire. Who knows, the wallflower may be so much more beautiful and better than the centerpiece.

Fun Things to Do With Your Girlfriend at Home

They say the best ways to know a person is to get to know how they are at home. That’s also the best way to spend time with your girlfriend without having to spend on anything. Whether you’re thinking already about settling down with her, finding ways on how to make her love you more, or just want to see how she is in her natural world, an at-home date will always give you a better view of her persona.

Also, these activities are a good way to spend the whole day with your partner (if you are living together) to see your home in a whole other different way other than just living quarters. PS, it does not even involve sex to be intimate right at home.

So guys, turn off your phones and listen up and listen good. Here are some very fun things to do with your girlfriend right at home:

Do a chore (or chores if you’re not feeling lazy) together. Do you know how much effort there is in doing the laundry? Or how much work cleaning the house involves? How much intimacy you can have when you’re vacuuming together or at least trying out a recipe together? Yes, to two people in love, even the most boring and most mundane of chores is an avenue and opportunity to show love to each other. Plus, your girlfriend will love you so much more for it (makes you seem like a marriage material guy).

Try out a recipe together. It could be as simple as an oven toaster brownie recipe, or something more grand like a 5-course Italian dinner. It does not matter, really. What matters is the idea of sharing a learning activity and working on something together. This is what every woman wants. It helps build and develop teamwork between you two.

Go on a movie marathon. Who does not want to go on a movie marathon anyway? Make your own chips together, pack up on the soda, get a Chinese or pizza delivery and watch all your favorite movies all day. Add up some of your favorites, some of hers, and maybe throw in some old family videos too! This is the perfect way to bond and be lazy at the same time.

Whip up a romantic date from scratch. She could man the kitchen and the dinner, and you can take care of the cocktails. Or the other way around. You can spruce up decors in the house for a themed night between you two. You can even invite a few other couples for a group dinner date right at your very own home.

Make some arts and crafts for each other. You don’t really have to be a sucker for scrapbooking to enjoy this. You can do this when the two of you are already exclusively dating, you don’t want to freak her out too much. The idea is to make something for each other from nothing. Be sweet, be creative, be crazy and play with some scissors and craft paper. Make a card with a couple photo of your most recent beach trip or some random photos you have of each other.

You don’t always have to get out of the house to enjoy a date together. Try some at-home lovin’!

Gentleman’s Guide to Surviving a Breakup

Not all relationships end in a ‘happily ever after’. Not everything can be solved even if you’re a master of handling conflicts. Some just have an expiration dates and breakups happen. Whether the breakup was decided mutually or not, it is never a happy thing. They will always tug at the heartstrings; and the longer the relationship lasted, the more painful it is to let go.


Breakups are always difficult. Accept it.

The only thing harder than surviving a breakup is surviving a breakup with class. So if class and sophistication is not in your vocabulary just yet, and you’re about to press ‘Send’ on your alcohol-induced text message to your beloved former lover, listen up and give this a hand.

Here are your Gentlemanly Tips for Surviving a Breakup aka Surviving a Breakup Like a Classy Dude:

  • Alcohol does not solve anything. Now before you start with me on ‘Milk does not solve anything either’ kind of crap, listen up: milk does not make you do stupid things, alcohol does. Do not drown out your pain with Jack (Daniels) and Johnny (Walker) or whatever alcohol you fancy. Or at least, don’t do it in public. If you drink, drink at home with your best buddies. You’ll avoid the following: DUI, pissing yourself in public, humiliating yourself from crying like a seal in public, waking up in some stranger’s bedroom, or worse, a barrage of drunken texts for your ex that  number in the hundreds.
  • Do not go for rebounds. Rebounds won’t solve anything; in fact, they’ll only add to your problems. One, you’re being unfair to yourself, and two, you’re being unfair to the rebound girl. Plus, you’ll have to worry about ‘getting rid’ of her when you realize the mistake you made of hooking up with her when you’re only just recovering. Save your conscience buddy!
  • Eat well. Gain a few pounds, then work it all out. Indulge yourself in all things that make you gastronomically happy. The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach; and the best way to get out of it too. So take your mind off your heart by indulging. Get some of that guilty pleasure. This is why girls store up chocolates and tubs of ice cream post breakup. And when you’re through and your love handles begin to disgust you, work out. Bring out all your happy hormones to drown to drown out your pain. Do it like girls do!
  • Find something fun and productive to do. Be it work, school, a new project, or a new business – do something you’ve always wanted to do. You don’t need a girlfriend to inspire you; you only need yourself to actually do it! So go out there and do that thing that makes you happy!
  • Don’t badmouth your ex. Nope, not even if her breath stinks like Godzilla’s, or she farts in her sleep, or she owes you money (get it back, by the way), or that she is poor at spelling. Don’t ever badmouth her even when she does. The mark of a true gentleman is he who can stay a gentleman to a woman who least deserves it. So when people ask you about your ex, just smile and say ‘it was good while it lasted; I’m on a new page now’.
  • Take it slow. Smile. Get around to reading on how to meet a woman. Open yourself to forgiveness and find something to hope for. Good luck!

5 Things Every Girlfriend Wants Their Boyfriends to Know

So you think you know your girlfriend?

So you believe you know what goes on in our brains just because we’re dating?

Think again.

There are so many things that happen every single day, that run in your girlfriend’s brains, and that make or break their days that you have yet to know. But because I am feeling kind, I am letting you gentlemen in on the collective psyche of your dearest girlfriends. However, be warned, I am not doing this for your sake but more for the sake of my fellow ladies of this planet; it would really help a lot of all boyfriends know this:

  • We are not angry when we nag. We are angry when we’re silent. Think your girlfriend has gone berserk and is overreacting because she’s nagging? Think that’s scary enough? Wait until your girlfriend shuts up – you’ll be in deep, deep trouble. Girls nag to let you know what they think and to warn you over some things. Girls nag because we actually care. When girls finally shut up (just as you’ve always wanted, I presume), she’s had enough of you, she’s tired of arguing with you, she’s given up on you, and she’s finally too angry to give a sh*t. If you still want to keep your relationship, don’t ever wish her to stop nagging.
  • We take time preparing for a date and shopping because we want to look good for you. It’s never fully about vanity and ourselves. We don’t know much about you men, but we really work hard to look good for you. We know how men are easily swayed by good looks so we work hard to always be the prettiest girl around you. We hate the comparison, we hate the competition and so don’t nag us or hate us for taking too long in the shower or taking too long at the mall. We’re doing it for you loves. Least you can do is to appreciate, seriously.

Women are jealous because we care.

  • We’re jealous because we care. So, okay, we admit going overboard on the jealousy sometimes. Sometimes. But there just are times when a certain woman ticks us and brings our crazies out. That’s what the female instinct is all about. That’s something men will never understand but we still hope you would. We feel threatened by certain women because we know, by gut feels, that you might like her.
  • PMS is not our fault; blame our hormones. Do guys ever go through regular hormonal changes and imbalance? No, we don’t think so. That’s why you would never get to understand PMS. Periods are crazy tiring and uncomfortable. It would really be helpful if you would be sensitive enough to realize that we are on PMS and that you shouldn’t add fuel to the fire by arguing when we’re being feisty. It would need a special kind of attitude to deal with us during PMS. Learn how to  ask a girl to go out with you during this time. We would need equal amounts of space and cuddles and it would be very lovely if you could grant us that.

Men, trust me, you’d thank me more than the girls would thank me for telling you this. If it’s any consolation, there are things that we like in you that you probably don’t know we do. Read my post about it here.  Good luck with your girlfriends. *Wink*

Understanding Exclusive Dating

Back in the day, it was just single and taken; nothing in between except the transition from the former to the latter, and if things go bad, the transition back to being single – and they did not have titles for them. Today, there’s practically everything else in between being single and taken! You can’t even say ‘taken’ anymore! And apparently, ‘committed’ is not one for everyone who’s going out together. You can be sleeping together and practically could finish each other’s sentences and still not be ‘committed’ (thank you ‘500 Days of Summer’ for this very useful bit of information).

If you put yourself off of the dating scene for about half a year, you’d be so surprised at how things have changed. Suddenly ‘dating’ is not the same as simply going out with somebody – the latter is now a different thing! Have you ever heard of online dating? If you’re like me who haven’t, then go here and read on how to flirt with a girl online. And you can date many people at the same time as long as you are not exclusively dating someone – which, by the way, is not even tantamount yet to committing to someone! So, yeah, you can pretty much be exclusively dating someone for the past ten years and still not call her your girlfriend because you are not yet committed.

And speak of, what is this thing they call ‘EXCLUSIVELY DATING’. What is exclusively dating anyway? How do they become exclusive and when, and how does a man act if he’s exclusive but not committed? Let’s explore together.


Exclusively dating is that romantic status where a guy and a girl commit to stop seeing and pursuing other people for dating, but instead, as its name implies, keep their dating selves to each other. They go out with each other, they probably make out too, and do as other couples do except perhaps call each other boyfriend-and-girlfriend.


Exclusive dating doesn’t invlove commitment, but just the exclusivity.

And yes, they do not drop the L-word, and they do not call it commitment, just exclusivity. The difference perhaps is in the longevity and depth of commitment which is absent in an exclusive relationship. Commitment is for boyfriends and girlfriends and long term stuff, getting engaged and getting married. Exclusively dating is, as they love to put it, “enjoying each other’s company”.

When you’re exclusively dating, you are allowed to argue. See this if you want to know how to handle conflicts with her.

How to Propose Commitment from Exclusively Dating

As in this double standards-society that we live in, it is practically the job of the guy to ask the girl to move on to the next level of their relationship. The simplest way to do it is to ask her outright about it.

It does not really have to be anything grandiose or lavish; it could be as simple as a conversation over your shared morning coffee. It could also be as extremely prepared for as in full length video presentation of why she should say yes to finally becoming your girlfriend.

Or, if you’re lucky, it could be as simple a natural transition – when you just both wake up feeling like you’re ready for the real deal of commitment.

If you want to know more about this exclusive dating thing, here is a good article from Marie Claire.

(Now, don’t even get me started on when things say ‘It’s Complicated’! And ‘friends’ isn’t exactly as simple as it used to be.)

What Women Think About Your Hairstyle

Women have largely grown out of stereotyping men about the hairstyles they wear, but it is just so tempting to do so. Have you ever wondered what kind of impression you make on women based on the style of hair you wear on your head? Hairstyles, just so you know, is one of the things women like about men.

Have you been wondering how much your hairstyle helps (or harms) your chances on women and dating? Are you looking for a sign that says you should keep or ditch your current do? Here are some of the most common impressions women have on different types of hairstyles today:

  • Disheveled, tousled, straight-off-the-bed but short hair. You have the likes of Patrick Dempsey, Orlando Bloom and James Franco to thank for changing women’s perception on men with this kind of hair. Where it would have come off as a drunk, irresponsible bum type of guy stereotype in the 90s, men who sport this type of hairstyle in this modern world now come off as simple, low maintenance, carefree and laidback guys who could turn up any beach trip into an awesome and sexy one. They could eat off the can and still look sexy while at it. You make us want to channel our own Miranda Kerr. PS: Don’t try to pull this off with three-week beard growth with food dangling off of them. It does not work that way.

Long hair isn’t all that bad, just as long as it shows your artistic personality.

  • Long tresses. You’re either the rock star or the rock star wannabe. But surely, you don’t come off as someone who works an office job of 9-5 and has a car and home loan. At best, you run your own business – probably a pub, a bar, or a local liquor store. At worst, you’re too poor to get a haircut. The best way to pull this off is to look clean and be good at playing the keyboard or the guitar to impress women. There are men who look better with longer hair, and I hope you’re one of them. And don’t even think of putting it in a ponytail! Just don’t!
  • Short, clean cut and well kept. Justin Theroux, Justin Timberlake, George Clooney – they have set the stage for this suave, debonair look. The best look like what Sonic Seduction.net says in this article. Sporting this hair, women expect you to be driving a posh car and look a thousand times more awesome when you don a tux. Do not match this look with a bad hygiene – they just do not match. Chances are high on you being OCD.
  • Long, side swept bangs a la Justin Beiber or KPop boy band. If you are under 18, that’s adorable. If you’re above 25, you might want to rethink your life and your hairstyle. This look gives women the impression that you’re stuck at being a teenager and you’re probably trouble, trouble, trouble as Taylor Swift likes to put it.


    If you’re over 25, you might want to rethink getting sideswept hair.

  • Spikes or Mohawk. You are looking to express yourself through your hair, or you’re under peer pressure. You don’t seem like the type who goes to an office or that you even wear tux at all. We would be wondering at your date location choices.

What hairstyle are you sporting? Is it winning you more dates or are you creeping women out with your bizarre sense of hair fashion?